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My first taste of bourbon whiskey was a shot of Maker's Mark, "borrowed" from my parents' liquor cabinet in suburban Washington, D.C...I could have gone for the Absolut or the Bacardi, but the distinctive red wax seal and the amber glow caught my eye in 1999 like they still do today.

Since that first gulp of Maker's, which admittedly sucked for me, I've tasted everything from new age Old Crow (not that there's anything wrong with that) to Pappy Van Winkle. My interest in America's Native Spirit really sparked on a trip to Lexington, Kentucky and a visit to the Woodford Reserve Distillery. The authenticity of the process continues to amaze me and you simply cannot beat the warm, familiar sensation of fine bourbon in your belly.

Since then, I've scavenged the country for limited edition and antique American whiskeys; I've received epic bottles as gifts; I've developed my preferences- for taste and for marketing schemes. I've recently invested more time and energy in researching brand histories- with a focus on military veterans in the whiskey industry, past and present. My first book, Bourbon & Bullets (Potomac Books, 2018) will be on shelves soon!


We're John and Will.  Brothers-in-law and brothers-in-bourbon (yes, we're drinking beers in the photo; we like that too). We started bourbonscout.com in 2015 to preserve our whiskey drinking experiences for ourselves, family, friends, and other consumers...and to meet people who make and/or love American whiskey as much as we do.

Everything reviewed on our blog comes from our personal collections.  All of the photographs are ours, unless it's clearly stated otherwise.



Ten years ago I probably could not have identified a difference between Pappy and Kentucky Gentleman, aside from the price tag of course.  With a diet of light beer in my early twenties, I really didn’t have any whiskey experience other than the closest brown bottle I’d pour in some eggnog at Christmas.  As my entire family hails from Lexington, Kentucky, my blue blood finally caught up to me. Instead of racing thoroughbreds, I went the bourbon route.

Over the last decade, my bourbon-obsessive brother-in-law, John, and I have spent more time drinking whiskey than we'd probably like to admit.  We quickly found ourselves immersed in the thick of the American whiskey world - from blind tastings to distillery tours, whiskey reviews to just shooting the shit with fellow bourbon enthusiasts.  While I am far from any expert, I thoroughly enjoy learning about, tasting, and providing thoughts on countless whiskey brands from all over the country.  It’s a truly fascinating industry with a lot of rich history and good juice!