Barrell Bourbon Batch 016

Barrell Batch 016 is a blend of [almost] 10-year-old bourbon, 11-year-old bourbon, and 15-year-old bourbon distilled in Tennessee, Indiana, and Kentucky. Joe Beatrice and his team blended these particular barrels together, as they each feature a fruit-forward profile, despite having matured in different distilleries/states.

Bottled at 105.8 proof, this production bottle came to us as a sample from Barrell. We appreciate it; as always, here are our unfiltered thoughts:

Color: That same Texas burnt orange we've admired in earlier Barrell releases.

Nose: Delightful....complex. The aromas overflow. Honeysuckle and musky rose fragrance give way to expressed citrus peel, that balance of sweet and oily bitterness that reminds me of a well-made bourbon cocktail. The toasted oak influence holds it all together.  Cedarwood, rich tobacco, and 'asphalt in summer rain' please and intrigue the nose.

Tasting Notes: Viscous, sweet, fruity indeed. Caramelized orange peel coats the tongue. Dark cherry follows. Mid-palate, barrel char emerges to spice things up. The finish is dark and as long as any bourbon I've sipped this year. 

Overall: A. Another superior bourbon masterpiece from Barrell.

Barrel 16.JPG
Bourbon Scout