Ranger Creek .36 Texas Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Ranger Creek .36 Texas Straight Bourbon Whiskey, named for the .36 caliber Colt Paterson revolver favored by early Texas Rangers, is the flagship whiskey produced by the Ranger Creek "brewstillery" (i.e. combined brewery and distillery) in San Antonio, Texas. It is a 96 proof, two-year-old bourbon, distilled from a mash of Texas grain (over two pounds of Texas corn in each bottle!) and matured in traditional, large oak barrels. 

Color: Mohagany. A really dark crimson/brown for a relatively young, craft bourbon,

Nose: A heavy dose of leather- I get new, baseball mitt- and cedar wood. Sweetness emerges with air time- vanilla frosting, oozy orange marmalade, and buttered corn bread make for a nice nose.

Tasting Notes:  Smoky oak dominates the sip up front- you can practically taste the char. The leathery aromas turn up on the tongue too. Eventually, bitter orange rind and white pepper take hold in a dry, medium finish. 

Overall: B. An oaky, craft bourbon. It's young, but flavorful and well proofed.  It's a touch hot for neat sippin,' but nice in an Old Fashioned or with a few rocks. 

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