Barrell Rye Batch 002

Barrell Rye Batch 002 is a unique blend of Polish malted rye, Indiana rye, and malted barley. While I don't know the sources, my educated guess is that the Polish rye came from the Kozuba & Sons Distillery in St. Pete, Florida and the Indiana rye is from MGP.

Barrell (
117.5 proof
5 years old

Color: Beautiful burnt orange.

Nose: Raspberry jam wafts above a deeper layer of Christmas spices.  Gingerbread, brown sugar and nutmeg trigger salivation; with time, smoky oak and warm rye breadiness invite a sip.

Tasting Notes: Black peppery spice and cinnamon pop up front. This whiskey is mysterious- it's dry, earthy, spicy, complicated.  A touch sour mid-palate, but chock full o' vanillin and alcohol heat. The finish presents a satisfying balance of rye character, charred oak, and subtle sweetness.

Overall: B+. Barrell Rye 002 is worth every penny, particularly if you prefer high rye bourbons or bold rye whiskeys. It serves as the backbone for a wonderful Old Fashioned, but it will intrigue sipped neat. 

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