Sonoma County Distilling Co.'s Black Truffle Rye

I'm saying farewell tonight to a weird, amazing little California rye whiskey. I loved every drop.

Sonoma County Distilling Co. in Rohnert Park, California ("The Friendly City") produces Bourbon, Rye, and Wheat Whiskey the hard way in direct fire, copper pot stills. On several occasions, the distillery has released experimental batches of their 100% rye whiskey after setting it to rest temporarily with exotic, expensive French black Perigord truffles. [The next Black Truffle Rye is due out in Fall 2018]. 

How's that for a Whiskey Rebellion?

Sonoma County Black Truffle Rye

Sonoma County Distilling Co.
100 proof
$80 for 375 mL


Bright apricot jam.


Your hot pastrami sandwich on New York rye bread is ready. And it's slathered with spicy mustard and Perigord black truffles. Don't forget your crunchy dill pickle. 

Tasting Notes

Black rye peppery spice meets earthy funk goodness. It's as if the decadent truffle shavings are infusing the rye in real time on your tongue. It's rich, spicy, nutty, and mushroomy. 


A. A damn good, weird whiskey. Somehow, the truffles don't overpower the rye. The flavor certainly invades the whiskey, but it's fun, drinkable and unique. Bravo. 

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