Elijah Craig Barrel Proof, Batch 11 (139.4 proof)

Last week, I posted a review of Elijah Craig Barrel Proof (ECBP), batch "B517," Heaven Hill's second ECBP release of 2017 and Whisky Advocate's whiskey of the year. I've had this bottle of 139.4 proof ECBP Batch 11 (a Spring 2016 release) for a while now and have not posted any thoughts. Only Batches 6 (140.2 proof) and 8 (139.8 proof) are stronger. On a cold winter night like tonight, this will do just fine. 

Elijah Craig Barrel Proof (Batch 11)
Heaven Hill Distillery
139.4 proof
$55 at Southern Spirits in Fort Mill, SC


Radiant, like an old copper kettle with a fresh shine.


Lord have mercy. It's like the wife is pulling brown sugar crumble coffee cake from the oven on a Sunday morning and we're skipping church. It's super dark and sweet- dark chocolates, rum on fire, caramelized brown sugar.

Tasting Notes

An atomic bomb of brown sugar, Grandmother's homemade caramels, and vanilla frosting. It's a bit of a 'Trojan horse' with the sweet sip up front followed by a 139.4 proof punch in the tongue.


A. This is a big boy / girl bourbon whiskey; an absolutely beautiful, aromatic, delicious spirit. Cheers. 

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