Barrell Bourbon's 2018 "New Year"

Happy New Year! To celebrate 2018, we are sipping on Barrell's "New Year" bourbon, a super premium blend of cask strength bourbon whiskeys from seven distilleries in five different states. "New Year" features 2.5, 5, 7, 9, 10 and 14 year old straight bourbon whiskeys from Indiana, Kentucky, New York, Tennessee and Texas. It is a spectacular whiskey!

Barrell Bourbon "New Year" 2018
Barrell Bourbon
111.2 proof


Fiery, desert orange.


A deeply satisfying balancing act of young and mature; sweet and masculine. I get fresh lumber and bright orange marmalade, butter, rum, pine, campfire smoke and dark brown sugar.

Tasting Notes

The brown sugar nose carries over into the sip along with dark maple syrup, oily orange rind, and red berry jam. Charred oak grabs ahold of the tongue for a long, smoky finish.


A+. The absolute perfect pour for a cold winter's night. I'm already hunting for a back up of this, because I am going to need it.