Wathen's Barrel Proof (Barrel 6- Southern Spirits, Fort Mill, SC)

Santa Claus tends to bring me socks and bourbon whiskey. He did a nice job this year with a few pairs of patriotic dress socks and this bottle of Charles Medley Distillery (CMD) "Wathen's Barrel Proof." Last month, CMD released 25 barrels to select stores and groups- I have bottle #80/204 from Barrel 6- chosen by our good friends at Southern Spirits in Fort Mill, South Carolina.

I won't even attempt a history of the Wathen / Medley family or a discussion of the suspected source of this whiskey. There are plenty of other blog posts that dive deep into those topics. 

Here are my thoughts on what's inside the bottle. That's all for now.

Wathen's Barrel Proof (Barrel 6)

Charles Medley Distillery
111.4 proof
$85 at Southern Spirits in Fort Mill, SC


Tawny- very light for a barrel proof, straight bourbon with no age statement (i.e. 4+ years old).


Grainy out of the gate. As it opens up, I get a pleasant dusty, chocolate aroma- like Hershey's hot chocolate in powder form. Light oak, caramel, red berry, and a faint grassy note round out a very nice, but delicate nose.

Tasting Notes

Sharp up front. A peppery bite dissipates allowing cinnamon, caramel, and marzipan to shine. The finish is medium and a tad sweet for 111 proof. 


B. I had high expectations after seeing some love on social media for Barrel #9. The aromas and flavors are nice, but it drinks young. 

Peer Reviews:

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