Bomberger's Declaration

Bomberger's Declaration has a complicated history. The bottom line is that it's produced by Chatham Imports, the New York based parent company of the modern Michter's Distillery in Louisville. Around the time Chatham released Bomberger's Declaration, the Pennsylvania group behind the Stoll & Wolfe Distillery (including Dick Stoll, the last master distiller at the abandoned Michter's Distillery in Pennsylvania (once owned by Abraham Bomberger)), released their own Bomberger's whiskey blend and attempted to establish a Bomberger's Distillery in Lititz, PA. 

There was a painful trademark dispute, lawyer letters, arguments, etc. that I won't go into here. Things worked themselves out, fortunately, and both sides are focused again on producing good whiskey. As for Bomberger's Declaration, Chatham does not publicly disclose the source. Many writers have discussed the company's relatively abstruse practices with regard to their sourced whiskeys. However, Chatham puts out some of the best tasting American whiskey on the planet. This one is no exception.

Bomberger's Declaration

Chatham Imports
100 proof
$40 at Binny's Bev Depot in Chicago, IL


Medium amber.


Wet oak, lacquer, caramel, honey sweetness, syrupy orange/Old Fashioned.  

Tasting Notes

Red Hots, lightly charred oak, orange peel, prickly spice. Complex, but so drinkable. 


A+. An unbelievably well-made bourbon. The sweet and spice are perfectly balanced...the oak and fruit tantalize the tongue...the aromas are simply delicious...100 proof is spot on. What if I told you this was the best $40 I've ever spent on whiskey? I think it is. 

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