WhistlePig Farmstock Rye Crop 001

In April 2015, I reviewed WhistlePig rye whiskey, which is a damn good, sourced, 100%, 100 proof Canadian rye bottled at the WhistlePig farm in Shoreham, Vermont. WhistlePig's Farmstock Rye is a blend of 12-year-old Indiana rye, 5-year-old Canadian rye (further aged in WhistlePig farm oak barrels), and 1-year-old Vermont rye produced by master distiller Dave Pickerell on the farm. In other words, this is a debut [of sorts] for the Vermont distillery founded by Raj Bhakta.

The Vermont whiskey in the blend, about 20% of the product, is WhistlePig's "triple terroir" rye, meaning: 1) the grain was grown on site in Vermont; 2) the oak barrels were constructed from oak grown in the WhistlePig farm forest; and 3) the water used to cut the whiskey came from their well.

This is Crop 001, "the beginning of an evolution at WhistlePig."

WhistlePig Farmstock Rye 001

WhistlePig Estate Distillery / GoAmericaGo Beverages, LLC (Shoreham, Vermont)
86 proof


Translucent gold.


The aroma is youthful but pleasant- the grain and yeast pop initially. Warm rye bread subsides as mint, subtle oak, orange peel, and clove hang on. 

Tasting Notes

Young and dainty. Black pepper spice, dry tobacco, and grainy funk mark an underwhelming experience for the palate. 


B-. I would have guessed that more than 50% of the bottle contains the 1-year-old rye. It's very youthful, but not terrible. It is amazing how 86 proof whiskey seems to fall apart in the mouth compared to some of the 100 + proof big boys we sip on.

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* This bottle was provided to us for free for the purposes of this review.