Jim Beam Single Barrel Bourbon

Jim Beam Single Barrel Bourbon

James B. Beam Distilling Co./Suntory
95 proof
$36 at ABC in Richmond, VA


Medium amber.


Not too sweet a nose with a tint of citrus oil. Feels like a tight five years at the most in a less than exceptional barrel.

Tasting notes

With a bit of water, the light astringent body is pleasantly hollow.The wispy corn sweetness and dried apple is diluted by what uncharacteristically might be lots of wheat and a low rye, lightly smoked malt mix. 

It never expands to fill the senses until you feel a slight but wide burn in your throat. Brassiness beguiles you to want another and another because it is well balanced, refined and easy going. The oak, vanilla and caramel the distiller promises are way back there, somewhere… No char. Pretty finish. 



I hoped this might be the best Jim Beam to have tasted but that spot is still held by the high caramel and big smoothie found inside the white 1964 Mustang Decanter I cracked open in 2008. That 100 month old JB was unforgettable the night I demolished the old gal. With Single Barrel I can’t help but want to whip up a cocktail. Go easy on the vermouth or this profile would be lost. No mint, little bitters, and only one cherry. Better yet, get two fingers at the next saloon, neat.

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