Yellowstone Limited Edition 2016

I previously reviewed Luxco's Yellowstone Select reboot and the 2015 Yellowstone Limited Edition. Overall, I thought the whiskeys were very good, and I appreciate how Steve Beam invested in the history of his distillery (Limestone Branch) and his family's old brand. 

Below are my notes on this year's limited edition Yellowstone release, which is a blend of 12 and 7-year old bourbons finished in toasted wine barrels. Cheers!

Yellowstone Limited Edition 2016

Owned by Luxco/Produced by Unknown/Bottled by Limestone Branch Distillery
101 proof
$100 at ABC in Reston, VA

Color: Beautiful burnt orange.

Nose: Clean and on the sweet side. Juicy fruit gum, sugar cookies, vanilla, a touch of oak, and subtle rye spice.

Tasting Notes: In line with its aroma, I get red fruit/berries, sweet caramel, and strong vanilla. The medium finish features toasted oak very prominently.

Overall: B. A very nice sipping whiskey. It's a tad on the sweet side and slightly underaged for my palate, but the flavors are well balanced and 101 proof is spot on.