Top 10 Bourbon Scout Moments of 2016

Last January, we posted a "Top 10" of our favorite bourbon whiskey drinking experiences of 2015. You can read about some of the places we visited, people we met, and bourbon we drank here2016 also included interesting distillery visits, epic bourbon tastings, new discoveries, etc. It was also made memorable by the absolutely crazy and generous bourbon community on Instagram! Below are our Top 10 whiskey moments of 2016. Please comment below with some of your own.

10. Drinking Whistlepig 10 with Dave Pickerell in Richmond, VA.

9. Drinking dusty bourbon (A.H. Hirsch/Old Taylor) with Gary Crunkleton at The Crunkleton in Chapel Hill.

8. Visiting the Heritage Flag Co. in Southern Pines, NC.

7. Drinking old whiskey (S-W; pre-fire HH; random 1960s bourbon) with the family at the beach.
6. Touring Buffalo Trace with Mr. Freddie Johnson.

5. Drinking fine, fine whiskey with Jon Cecil in RVA.

4. Trailing Bourbon with family throughout Kentucky.

3. Hanging with the Van Winkles.

2. Touring Michter's new distillery.

1. The New Home Bar!

Honorable Mentions:

- Blind sampling all ten Four Roses recipes courtesy of @fletcher_whiskeydog.

- Drinking with @therealsteveguy in Columbia, SC; the hangover was as bad as the bourbon was good!

- Bringing big bourbon hauls back from Kentucky in the Spring and again in the Fall.