Old Forester 1920 "Prohibition Style" Bourbon Whiskey

Old Forester 1920 "Prohibition Style" bourbon is Brown-Forman's third release in the Old Fo' "Whiskey Row" series. It joins 1870 Original Batch (which I hated) and 1897 Bottled in Bond (which I loved) in celebration of the only bourbon brand made by the same company before, during, and after Prohibition. 

1920 marks the year it became illegal to manufacture, transport, and sell booze in America. (Brown-Forman maintained a medicinal license to sell whiskey from Louisville between 1920 and 1933). I'm not really sure what a "Prohibition style" whiskey is anymore, considering the number of products marketed as Prohibition-style and pre-Pro style.

The only other "Prohibition style" whiskey we've reviewed is Manhattan Moonshine, which just goes to show that we're not the only ones confused about what a Prohibition-style whiskey is...

Old Forester 1920 Prohibition Style

115 proof
$60 at Southern Spirits in Fort Mill, SC

Color: Dark amber.

Nose: Vanilla frosting, big caramel, cinnamon on toast, wet charred oak, and subtle perfume- it entices with a floral/alcohol note.

Tasting Notes: Mature oak, cinnamon spice, maple candies, alcohol tingle, vanilla extract, more oak, more spice. 

Overall: A. One of the better bourbon releases of 2016. At 115 proof, it may be a tad hot for some palates, but I'm loving it.