Belle Meade Bourbon Cognac Cask Finish

Belle Meade Bourbon Cognac Cask Finish is Nelson's Green Brier Distillery's second wood finish series release. The other is Belle Meade Bourbon Sherry Cask Finish, which we reviewed last week.

The Cognac finish features a blend of sourced bourbons from barrels aged six to nine years further aged in French limousin oak casks that contained premium Champagne XO cognacs for twelve years.

The only other bourbons finished in cognac casks that we're aware of are the 2011 Parker's Heritage Collection, which was delicious, but the cognac influence detracted from the bourbon's character; and the 1999 Jim Beam Masterpiece, an 18-year-old bourbon finished in cognac casks, which we've not had a chance to taste. Bottom line: this is a fairly unique whiskey!

Belle Meade Bourbon Cognac Cask Finish
90.4 proof
$79 at ABC in Richmond, VA

Color: Light to medium copper- appears younger/thinner than I'd expect.

Nose: Gentle, but very nice. Orange marmalade, vanilla frosting, wet oak.

Tasting Notes: The creamy orange note in the aroma asserts itself on the tongue in a big way. Caramel, vanilla, and rye spice balance it out, but it's a chewy, sweet, orange cream experience.

Overall: B. Drinkers who appreciate sweeter whiskeys will love this (e.g. Angel's Envy or New Holland Beer Barrel Bourbon or even Laird's Applejack). It's outside of my comfort zone, but it's very tasty.