Old Scout Single Barrel Bourbon, 9 and 10

We previously reviewed Smooth Ambler's Old Scout 7-Year-Old bourbon, Old Scout 10-Year-Old bourbon, and Old Scout Yearling. The Maxwelton, West Virginia distillery purchases whiskey from MGP in Indiana for it's Old Scout line, and it produces a number of spirits in house (the Yearling is the distillery's own bourbon, and releases are now aged up to 4 years). 

Last year, Smooth Ambler's Old Scout 10-Year-Old Single Barrel Bourbon won the award for "World's Best Single Barrel Bourbon" at the World Whisky Awards. As Chuck Cowdery argued, the distillery that actually distilled and aged the whiskey deserves credit too. I don't think anyone disputes that MGP makes amazing whiskey. These single barrel offerings fly off the shelf, and they only release about 2,500/year.

Old Scout Single Barrel 9
115 proof
$65 at Liquor Barn in Lexington, KY

Color: Rich amber with an orange glow.

Nose: Unbelievable. Toasted marshmallow, chocolate powder, seared oak, chewy salted caramel, light tobacco. One of the best smelling whiskeys in the house.

Tasting Notes: There are loads of prickly spice, cinnamon, wet oak, and leathery notes. Let it breath for a while to find honey, maple sugar, and burnt brown sugary sweetness. 

Overall: A. So good. 

Old Scout Single Barrel 10

103.6 proof
$75 at Liquor Barn in Lexington, KY

Color: Similar amber/orange hue, but a shade lighter.

Nose: Another amazing nose. Similar qualities, but the 10-year carries a bright green apple note the 9-year does not.

Tasting Notes: Similar flavor, but the finish is so much, much drier. The overall experience is marked by the oak, and the sweet notes are more muted.

Overall: A-. The champ is knocked down by his younger brother; still an amazing barrel strength bourbon.