Kentucky Vintage

Kentucky Vintage straight bourbon whiskey is a 90 proof Kentucky Bourbon Distillers (KBD) product (i.e. sourced and bottled by Willett) and part of the company's Small Batch Boutique Bourbon collection. Despite not carrying an age statement, the label declares that KV was aged for "many long years." It's a handsomely packaged whiskey, comes at a relatively low cost, and is not terribly difficult to find. Perhaps that should be a red flag these days...

Kentucky Vintage

Kentucky Bourbon Distillers/Willett
90 proof
$32 at Green's Beverages in Columbia, SC

Color: Medium amber. Mature and pleasing to the eye.

Nose: Sweet notes of corn mash, vanilla frosting, and caramel overlay antique wood and astringent oak. 

Tasting Notes: Oaky and spicy- dark notes of tobacco, black pepper, smoke, and alcohol burn make it relatively straight forward and unexciting.

Overall: C. Not a complete drain pour, but nothing to write home about either.