Bourbon Blog Roll-Up/News

It's been a while since we published a blog roll-up. Here's a look at notable posts from our favorite whiskey writers since the summer [and a few industry events].

In late July, Fred Minnick reported that Lost Falls Distillery in Minneapolis, MN was closing shop and was selling its equipment on craigslist. The implication seemed to be that the bourbon bubble has potentially made contact with a sharp object. With the proliferation of several hundred craft distilleries in America, this was a bad sign.

Last month, however, Chuck Cowdery addressed a Business Insider story ("A bubble might be brewing in bourbon") and rebutted the fear for small distillery owners/investors. As Chuck so often does, he highlighted several flaws in the underlying analysis and concluded that the bourbon doomsday people were way off the mark (at least at RBC Capital Markets).

For a good chuckle, check out Steve Ury's take on "tasting notes through the years." We have a soft spot in our hearts for the whiskey writers capable of smelling "Meyer lemon rind with a heft of midnight fog that lifts gently off the ocean surface in a coastal town in Northern Maine" in a whiskey, but acknowledge that it can get downright stupid.

Staying with the stupid theme, Michael Veach called us all out for rating systems ("Bourbon rating systems are bull crap!") and offered suggestions for how to make ratings matter again.

Michter's Distillery announced another iteration of its Celebration Sour Mash Whiskeya blend of six barrels including whiskey up to 33 years old. The MSRP will be $5,000 when it comes out in December. The price tag will obviously generate some buzz in the bourbon writing community. Hopefully the whiskey will too.

Finally, after a three year construction period, Angel's Envy Distillery opened for business today (November 19, 2016) in downtown Louisville. We're looking forward to hearing about tours.

And since it's still Fall, check out Breaking Bourbon's Bourbon Hunting Tips. But keep your hopes down re: the Pappy. You ain't going to find any!

If there are other topics or posts you've enjoyed recently, post the links below!