Manhattan Moonshine

Recently, the Manhattan Moonshine Company sent us a bottle of their product. When I laid eyes on the impressive art deco bottle and label, I was skeptical. We've reviewed other high end moonshines/white whiskeys in well made bottles (notably Troy & Sons), and I find them to be so-so. MM is unique, though. It's distilled in upstate New York and features an unusual mash bill of oats, rye, spelt, and two-row malted barley all grown in New York state. No corn! It's aged for less than an hour in oak, not to impart flavor or color, but to legally label it "whiskey."  See 27 CFR 5.22.

I tried MM neat, on the rocks, and in a cocktail, and I enjoyed it each time. If you're into un-aged whiskey or like experimenting with bright cocktails, I would recommend this. And the label comes off easily in hot water so you can use the badass bottle as a decanter when you're done with it.

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Manhattah Moonshine

The Manhattan Moonshine Company, LLC
95 proof

Color: Crystal clear.

Nose: Cereal grains, petrol, and alcohol. A red fruitiness emerges and makes for a sweet and mostly pleasant aroma. 

Tasting Notes: The flavors follow the nose. It's raw- earthy, grainy, and peppery. But there is a touch of sweetness to balance it out, and it's surprisingly mellow for 95 proof, unrefined grain alcohol.

Overall: NR. Manhattan Moonshine bills itself as an alternative to aged whiskey- it explicitly advertises a lack of barrel influence on the label. That's odd considering the magic that charred oak imparts. Regardless, for a white whiskey, MM beats the heck out of its direct competition, and it makes for a fun cocktail base. Click here for the company's impressive menu of drink recipes.

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