Barrell Bourbon Batch 008

Barrell Bourbon is the tops. Straight forward (yet unique) packaging, transparent business practices, nice people. Most importantly, their whiskeys are tasty.

We've reviewed Batches 005, 006, and 007- they're all cask strength Tennessee bourbons sourced and blended by Joe Beatrice and crew.

Like Batch 007, Batch 008 is a 70% corn, 25% rye, 5% corn Tennessee straight bourbon whiskey aged in #4 char oak. But it's the oldest Barrell release ever at 9.5 years old. And i
t clocks in at a whopping 66.4% alcohol, which makes it the strongest Barrell Bourbon release ever. Are we excited yet??

Barrell Bourbon

Barrell Bourbon
132.8 proof

Color: Extremely rich, dark amber appearance.

Nose: You'd expect a 132.8 proof bourbon to blast your nostrils with alcohol, but this is subtle...and amazing. Baking chocolate, orange zest, baseball mitt leather, and dusty antique wood invite you pour a little more in the glass.

Tasting Notes: Orange peel, red berries, cinnamon, and dry oak. The finish is so long. It's strong alright, but it's more drinkable than Stagg, Jr. and even Elijah Craig Barrel Proof.

Overall: A. If you're like me and prefer bonded bourbons or stronger, this is the mountaintop.  BB 008 is superb.

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* Barrell Bourbon provided us with a sample of Batch 008.