Blood Oath- Pact 2

About a year ago we tasted and reviewed Luxco’s special release of Blood Oath Pact 1 and agreed it was tasty but held a higher league’s price tag. Episode two of Blood Oath brings us another 3-whiskey blend: an 11 year rye bourbon, a 7 year rye bourbon, and an 11 year wheated bourbon. The question comes up once again: is it worth it?

Blood Oath- Pact 2

98.6 proof
$99.99 MSRP

Color: Golden amber. Certainly bolder than last year's.

Nose: Green apple and brown sugar – almost like a candy apple. It also offers more than a trace of ethanol.
Tasting Notes This one is rather sweet. It’s light and fruity and has a smooth finish that leaves you wanting “just one more.”    

Overall:  B. At $99.99, this bottle is both rare (7,500 3-packs released) and a bit pricey for a blended bourbon. That said, I do enjoy it more than last year’s release and would certainly recommend a taste.

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Disclaimer: A sample of Blood Oath bourbon was provided to us by a contact at Luxco, no strings attached.  Thanks.