Bourbon Whiskey Tattoos

If you're looking for good eats or a solid cocktail in Richmond, Virginia, make sure to visit Heritage. It's also the only place in town (any town?) where the owner/bartender, Mattias Hagglund, rocks an Old Rip Van Winkle bourbon whiskey tattoo. "Asleep Many Years in the Wood." That's dedication to good whiskey! When I saw it, I recalled having seen photos of several whiskey industry folks with tattoos. Here is a look at some good ones:

Bernie Lubbers, Heaven Hill's American Whiskey Brand Ambassador, pays tribute to HH's lineup of bonded bourbons.
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Canadian "Whisky Chef" Matt Jones also added some bottled in bond ink to his forearm.

David Pickerell, former Maker's Mark master distiller, consults and distills for the George Washington Gristmill & Distillery at Mount Vernon, VA. He's got a 1790s pot still on his arm as a tribute.
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As most people know, Pickerell has also been involved with Whistlepig since its inception in 2010. He would be proud of this guy's tattoo, on the arm of whoever runs the Railroad Street Bar & Grill (Linefield, PA) Instagram feed!

Jim Beam master distiller Fred Noe got his first tattoo when the company Facebook page hit 1 million "likes..."
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 Wyoming Whiskey employee Dennis Lue is proud to be on the team.
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Wild Turkey fan Shawn Doan has the brand logo inked on his arm. He got Jimmy Russell's name added after meeting Jimmy, who signed his arm exactly where it is now.

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Even classier.

If you've got a whiskey tattoo, send a photo to and we'll add it to the post! Cheers.