Bourbon Blog Roll-Up #1 ("Stop Buying Stupid Shit!")

With the recent proliferation of American whiskey distilleries has come the recent proliferation of American whiskey blogs. There are now more than 600. Some of the writing is incredibly entertaining and/or informative. We hope that consumers find value, or at least entertainment value, in our blog because we get a lot out of others' content- especially things like the video above (don't miss the end...).

It's in that spirit that we've decided to provide an occasional "roll-up" of the best content. We'll attempt to keep it a regular feature. We spend a lot of time reading about bourbon and flipping through Instagram. Hopefully we will save you time and effort by pointing to what we think is interesting.

1) The Whiskey Wash posted an article about why the Scotch whisky industry relies so heavily on used Bourbon whiskey barrels.

2) Michael Veach posted an article about bourbon education with links to many of the courses folks can enroll in to learn more about bourbon.

3) Axis of Whiskey posted a summary of Coppersea Distilling's statistical breakdown of the booming craft distilling industry. Apparently, the number of craft distilleries in America will top 1,000 this year.

4) Blake at posted an opinion piece on price gouging ("stop buying every new shiny bottle").

5) WhiskeyID posted an article entitled "Why Old Whiskey?" explaining why people seek out antique whiskey.

Our Instagram whiskey heroes of the month are:

@thewhiskeyscout for reviews that my high school English teacher would be proud of;

@whiskyanorach for the most bizarre, yet captivating reviews out there;

@bourbon_boner for abandoning the 0-100 point scale, 1-5 star scale, and A-F scale by awarding "boners"

@fletcher_whiskeydog for consistently great photos and for being the most generous man in the "community"

@whisky_nate for what I think are the best whisk(e)y photos on the web (and the new job)! Check him out.