Granola Factory "Bethlehem Bar" and Four Roses

I am skeptical of whiskey and food pairings. It's a highly subjective "skill" that requires absolutely no skill. How can you criticize (or truly compliment) the folks who recommended Pappy Van Winkle and Girl Scout shortbreads? Or the lady who likes her "Islay Scotch served with Terrine of Roasted Beet and Local Farm Chèvre?"

Roasted beets aside, sometimes food and whiskey pairings hit the spot. We enjoyed Chef Edward Lee's Collaboration, a bourbon/rye blend created to compliment Korean fried chicken. We're obsessed with Chef Sean Brock's recommended bourbon and country ham combo.

This week, we tried something that worked out deliciously. Our good friend Calvin at the Pennsylvania based Granola Factory makes the Bethlehem Bar. For $20, you get four hunks of oatmeal shortbread cookie, topped with salted caramel, roasted pecans, melted chocolate and a cookie crumble. We paired it with the rich, full bodied Four Roses Single Barrel. The combo is best enjoyed in a comfortable chair with your feet up. Bring extra whiskey and a pillow!