Yellowstone Select

In 2010, brothers Steve and Paul Beam founded the Limestone Branch Distillery in Lebanon, Kentucky, continuing a distilling tradition that dates back seven generations. After producing a line-up of flavored moonshines to get cash flowing, Limestone Branch teamed up with their St. Louis based corporate partner Luxco to source some bourbon whiskey. Their first release was the 105 proof (and $105) Yellowstone Limited Edition Bourbon, which we reviewed last month. The Yellowstone brand has deep ties to the Beam family, and these guys take their history seriously. The plan is to work on the original recipe (1870s?) and "bring the brand back to the family."

In the meantime, the Beams have also released the 93 proof Yellowstone Select, a younger and more affordable offering. The Beams selected, blended, and bottled barrels of 4 and 7-year-old bourbon from an undisclosed Kentucky distillery for the Yellowstone Select expression. Luxco's PR firm sent us a bottle with no strings attached.

Later this year, consumers will be able to participate in the unique "Yellowstone Barrel Selection Program," through which one can work with the distillery to customize a mash bill, barrel size, char level, and aging level. You can also go to the distillery to fill your barrel and bottle your very own batch of Yellowstone. We are totally doing it.

Both Yellowstone offerings carry some of the most handsome packaging I have ever seen. Bravo to whoever came up with the look. Now let's see how they did with the taste... 

Yellowstone Select

Limestone Branch/Luxco/Unknown
93 proof
$50 MSRP

Color: Tawny.

Nose: Light on the nose but generally pleasant. The prominent aromas are green apple candy and apple juice. That initial sweetness is tempered by wood polish, light smoke, and an earthy soil quality.

Tasting Notes: Crisp, clean, and smooth up front. Vanilla, orange cream, and honey dominate the sip but rye spice comes into the play on the back of the tongue. I get black pepper and subtle oak but very little alcohol burn. The finish is dry and on the short side.

Overall: B. An easy sipper with a little punch at the end. If you like high rye bourbons, this should please your palate. My only complaint is that the finish is abrupt. That being said, it's a massive improvement from the 80 proof Yellowstone bourbon Luxco was putting out before teaming up with Steve and Paul Beam. 

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