The 2015 Bourbon Lover's Holiday Gift Guide

Merry Christmas! There are some bad whiskey gift guides out there- like those that recommend Pappy Van Winkle 23 and those that are so riddled with advertisements that you can barely get to the material.

 We've compiled a list of gifts that any American whiskey lover should appreciate. Feel free to email us for more suggestions or comment below with suggestions of your own. Enjoy!

The 2015 Bourbon Lovers' Holiday Gift Guide

1. Bourbon Whiskey....
Consult our Top 10 Obtainable Bourbon List for ideas.

2. Ice Ball Kits
Like the amazing Cirrus ice ball press kit for $700 or two Tovolo sphere molds for $12. Check out our Instagram feed (@bourbonscout) for a video of the Cirrus at work.
Photo courtesy of Williams Sonoma
3. Bourbon Barrel Heads
Like this limited edition Van Winkle barrel head signed by Julian Van Winkle III for $355. Many other sites carry barrel heads for less than $100.

4. Decanters
Like the "Magellan's Victoria" decanter from Prestige for $100. Pottery Barn and Wine Enthusiast offer some nice decanters as well. 

5. Blanton's Stave/Top Holder
Like this one from Buffalo Trace for $85. carries several variations. Combine the stave with a bottle of Blanton's and you are the winner.

6. Glassware
Try any of the whiskey glasses featured in our October 2015 glassware review.

7. Books about Bourbon
e.g. Bourbon Curious by Fred Minnick, American Whiskey, Bourbon, & Rye by Clay Risen, Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey by Michael Veach, Bourbon Whiskey by Bernie Lubbers, Bourbon Empire by Reid Mitenbuler, The Book of Bourbon by Gary and Mardee Regan, or my personal favorite But Always Fine Bourbon by Sally Van Winkle Campbell.

8. Bourbon Bottle Lamp
Like this lamp from our buddy Rob. You should also check out Tom.

9. Personal Oak Barrel
Like this 1 liter black hoop barrel from Bluegrass Barrels for $55.

10. Bourbon Coffee Mug
Like this one from Louisville Stoneware for $26.

11. Bourbon Coffee, of course
Like Willett Pot Still Reserve flavored coffee for $16, Vanilla Bourbon Smoked coffee for $15 or Maker's Mark flavored coffee for $14.
Photo source: Common Grounds of Lexington
12. Bourbon Infused Cigars
Like three Maker's Mark 650s for $28 or a single Buffalo Trace inspired cigar for $10. Pappy Van Winkle barrel fermented cigars are out of stock, but you can get on a waiting list for March. Sound familiar?

13. Bourbon sweets
Like these bourbon infused marshmallows for $8 from Wondermade or Buffalo Trace caramel sauce for $7. You might also like Woodford Reserve caramels for $18 or Evan Williams honey for $9.
Photo source:
For more ideas, check out the popular 2015 Red, White & Bourbon Gift Guide!