Whiskeys of the West

I'm from Maryland, but some of my most cherished memories are trips to the Rocky Mountains and beyond- climbing Flattop Mountain in Estes Park, partying all night in Denver, hiking at Arches National Park in Utah, skiing in the Vail Valley, snowshoeing at Camp Hale, partying all night in Denver. I'm lucky to have friends in high places (like, elevation), and the accommodations are usually paid for in whiskey. 

Speaking of whiskey, here is a look at American whiskeys from Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, and California that are worth your time and money. They are wildly different from one another, so this isn't a comparison, just a glance into the cabinet.

After all, "the bourbon frontier has moved west, to the Rocky Mountains"...at least that's what it says on the back of our bottle of Wyoming Whiskey. Here we go!

Leopold Bros. American Small Batch Whiskey

A "pre-Prohibition" style whiskey. Very light in color. Smells and tastes more like a high quality white dog than a barrel aged whiskey. An interesting starting place for a tasting event.

10th Mountain Whiskey & Spirits Co. Bourbon

A young bourbon, but very drinkable. Rocky Mountain snowmelt gives it a smooth quality unlike many bourbons its age. We are looking forward to the future of 10th Mountain. Climb to Glory. Hooah!

Stranahan's Diamond Peak

Not just an American single malt! A good American single malt! Amazing nose, complex flavors. Takes time to appreciate. Did you know that master distiller Rob Dietrich served with the 10th Mountain Division in Somalia? I say again, Hooah!

Breckenridge Bourbon

A really nice, drinkable bourbon. 86 proof, classic bourbon flavor profile- perhaps a little too much sweet corn influence for the high rye bourbon drinkers out there.

Sonoma County "West of Kentucky" Bourbon

A funky, smoky, peppery burn. Adam Spiegel's "West of Kentucky" bourbon is a grain to glass California product. These guys do it right, and time will only make their whiskeys better. 

Wyoming Whiskey Small Batch Bourbon

A five-year-old beauty from some of the nicest people in the business. Master Distiller Sam Mead recently upped the barreling proof from 110 to 114 and changed yeast strains, resulting in a better product. Our batch (#28) is two years older than earlier batches. Look out for WW in the northeast soon.

High West American Prairie Reserve

A blend of 2-year-old MGP bourbon, 6-year old bourbon from an unknown Kentucky distillery, and 13-year-old bourbon from an unknown Kentucky distillery. One of the most well-balanced whiskeys we own.

High West Bourye

A blend of MGP and Barton whiskeys between 9 and 16 summers old. Slightly underwhelming for an $80 bottle, but Bourye is a trendsetter and has always been a crowd pleaser.