J.R. Revelry Bourbon

J.R. Revelry is a sourced, 90 proof bourbon whiskey produced by Midwest Grain Products (MGP) of Lawrenceburg, Indiana (sometimes referred to as the old Seagram's Distillery). It is then bottled at SPEAKeasy Spirits Distillery in Nashville, Tennessee.

The J.R. Revelry brand was developed by Peruvian born businessman Jesus Ricardo "Rick" Tapia, president of Atlanta based La Bodega Internacional, LLC. After spending almost 20 years in the distilled spirits business (i.e. marketing and sales), Rick launched the J.R. Revelry label in New York City making him the only Hispanic whiskey man in America. He eventually wants to build a brick and mortar distillery, something he hopes to pass on to his daughter.

J.R. Revelry Bourbon

La Bodega Internacional/MGP
90 proof
$35 MSRP*

Color: Light, orangey amber.

Nose: Youthful and lacquered aromas. I get a ton of lumber, some raw grains, campfire smoke, and a touch of lemon thyme sweetness. 

Tasting Notes: The flavors follow the nose closely. This is a young, caramel forward bourbon with a woody punch. Baking spices, cloves, and subtle red fruits last through a dry finish.   

Overall: C+. J.R. Revelry is pleasant, but it's too young for sipping neat. It picked up decent flavors in the oak, but it lacks the depth of a bourbon aged four years or more. It'll find its way into some Old Fashioneds at my house this winter.

Peer reviews:

* The company behind J.R. Revelry sent us a bottle to review, no strings attached. Thank you for the generosity.