Michter's Unblended American Whiskey

Earlier this month, I posted my take on the complicated history of the original Michter's, an abandoned, historic Pennsylvania distillery. Below is a review of one of the "new" Michter's products, an unblended whiskey distilled by an unknown Kentucky distillery, produced by Michter's LLC and Chatham Imports of NYC. The mash bill is unknown, and it is apparently aged in ex-bourbon casks. It is "unblended," meaning it does not contain grain neutral spirits.

Michter's Unblended American Whiskey

Chatham Imports
83.4 proof
$35 at Liquor Barn in Lexington, KY 

Color: Medium amber.

Nose: Light on the nose with a nice interplay of sweet and smoky aromas. Predominantly honey, corn syrup, Hershey's cocoa powder. Barrel char hangs around throughout. 

Tasting Notes: Super, super mellow. On the sweet side. Caramel apple, honey, a touch of burnt brown sugar. The finish is flat. Not particularly exciting or complex.

Overall: C+. While the nose and flavors are pleasant, the whiskey does absolutely nothing to wow me. It was only $35, but it's my least favorite of the various Michter's whiskeys we own.