Uncle Bob's Root Beer Flavored Whiskey

We have some of the best American whiskeys in our collection.  But I also have a plastic bottle of Old Crow and a $7 bottle of Jim Beam Apple.  While I discreetly judge the man who spills Coke into his bourbon and loathe the bartender who asks if I want my $50, single-ounce pour of George T. Stagg on the rocks, I confess that I am bourbon curious, as Fred Minnick would say.

I "defend the bottom shelf" by buying table bourbons.  I always work my way from the bottom to the top, making sure I know what's ankle high. And I'll try anything once.  Enter Uncle Bob's Root Beer Flavored Whiskey.  For the last three years, we've had a bottle of Fireball in the freezer at all times, and we've dabbled with Heaven Hill's Cinerator and Wild Turkey's flavored whiskeys too.  When I read on multiple websites that Uncle Bob's was "taking the college crowd by storm" and that projected sales may rise to Fireball level, I had to try it out.  As always with flavored whiskey, I sipped it neat, tried it over ice, and made a drink- in this case, a root beer whiskey float.  Here's the scorecard.  Stay young.

Uncle Bob's Root Beer Flavored Whiskey

Founders 49 Distilling and Whiskey House
70 proof
$20, widely available*

Color: Syrup. Dark maple syrup.

Nose: The nose is overwhelmingly sweet, and not surprisingly, it smells of root beer.  I tried hard to come up with some normal notes- there's vanilla, birch beer, cinnamon, and cane sugary sweetness.  

Tasting notes:  My first impression is that this is flat root beer with whiskey in it; not whiskey with root beer flavoring.  The mouthfeel is sticky and syrupy.  Strong molasses, cinnamon, sugar, and root beer flavors linger for days.  I was literally burping root beer for days.

Overall: NR.  I can't compare this to anything I've ever had!

...root beer whiskey float.

1.5 ounces Uncle Bob's
1.5 ounces Absolut Vanilla vodka
1 scoop of Breyer's french vanilla ice cream
1 healthy pour of MUG root beer

*Disclaimer: I reached out to a contact at LeVecke out of pure curiosity, and she provided us with a bottle, no strings attached.  Thank you!