Autumn is here.

As a kid, that was a bad thing.  I would gasp for breath at the conclusion of each August. The realization that the pool was closing, the beach was emptying, my baseball season was over, and the ice cream man was retreating to wherever ice cream men go was extremely depressing.  But everything changed when my title changed to "working adult."

Summer became the depressing season. Cubicles are hot when the sun is beating through an office window. It doesn't matter that the pool is open when you can't go. Autumn has become the season to dream about. And today, it's finally here.

As a bourbon scout, autumn is the season of promise. To begin the fall hunt, we grabbed a bottle of the Old Forester Birthday Bourbon, Brown-Forman's annual September release in honor of George Gavin Brown's birthday.

In the Fall, every time the phone rings, there's a chance we just won the Pappy Lottery (we're 0 for 50 at Frugal MacDoogal's).

The Kentucky Bourbon Festival kicks off the start of the "new" best time of the year. The Lexington Herald Leader publishes its list of autumn bourbon releases and bloggers like Breaking Bourbon, Bourbonr, and Fred Minnick publish release maps, public service announcements, and checklists.

To celebrate National Bourbon Heritage Month and the beginning of autumn 2015, here are a few things we plan to do:

1. Try to drink every bourbon made in a particular state (other than Kentucky...)

2. Post photos of bourbon next to pumpkins or resting in red and yellow leaves.

3. Infuse whiskey with a seasonal spice (will probably be a disaster).

4. Develop our own special blend of several premium whiskeys in our collection.

5. Dump the barrels we've had aging in the attic since spring.

Send us a note at and let us know what you're doing to celebrate!