Old Forester "Signature"

Old Forester "Signature" is Brown-Forman's higher proof release of regular old, 86 proof Old Forester. Unless I am mistaken, Brown-Forman ages "Signature" for the same amount of time as the standard Old Forester (most folks believe this juice is 4-6 years old). It doesn't appear as though "Signature" is a blend of higher quality barrels. It is simply diluted to 100 proof (although it's not bottled-in-bond).

Brown-Forman is currently in full court press mode on the marketing front with their new Old Forester "Whiskey Row" series (which does, in fact, include a Bottled in Bond release). While I'm not complaining, I am completely unimpressed with the first release in the series, Old Forester 1870 Original Batch.  Fortunately, I do like the Signature quite a bit.

Old Forester "Signature"

100 proof
$24 at Frugal MacDoogal's in Fort Mill, SC

Color: Rich bronze.

Nose: OFS has a really earthy, herb-heavy nose.  I am struck by mint, rosemary, coffee bean, chocolate, corn, and rye bread.  The higher proof is evident with a hot, alcohol bite.

Tasting Notes: The entrance is honey sweet and maple-syrupy smooth.  The body is obviously heavier than the 86 proof Old Forester and has a full, chewy quality.  Mid-sip, this whisky hits you with a sweet, fruity funk that transitions into woody heat.  It finishes with a lingering ghost pepper like spice.  Very nice.

Overall: B.  Much, much better than Old Forester 86.  So much better.  I can't believe that the only difference is less dilution.  The 86 proof is so medicinal and "bleh."  This bourbon is drinkable and very affordable.