What We're Sipping This Summer!

The photo above depicts some of the "really good stuff" we've been sipping on this summer (as opposed to the regular lineup we sip on all the time).  You can't argue that American distilleries are producing some of the world's finest whiskeys right now, and that the bourbon industry is a reflection of our country's story.  

The oldest bourbon whiskey in the photo, I.W. Harper 15 Year, was sitting on a shelf in Augusta, GA, across the street from where Masters meet each spring to compete for the green jacket.  The youngest, 10th Mountain bourbon, (aged 6 months) was distilled with Rocky mountain snowmelt in Vail, Colorado, a few miles from Camp Hale, where the original 10th Mountain Division trained for war in northern Italy.

Col. E.H. Taylor Small Batch pays tribute to one of bourbon's most important historical figures, while Wild Turkey's Jimmy Russell Diamond pays homage to a living legend.  

Some of these offerings are new releases (e.g. Maker's Mark Cask Strength), some are limited editions (Parker's Heritage Collection), while others (e.g. Johnny Drum Private Stock, Elijah Craig 12) have been around for a minute and are probably here to stay.

Whatever you're doing or drinking this summer, we hope you're having a good one.  We'd love to hear from you.  Keep scouting.