Buffalo Trace

Buffalo Trace is the namesake product for the nation's second oldest, but most amazing distillery.  Buffalo Trace, once known as the O.F.C. (Old Fire Copper) Distillery (named by Colonel E.H. Taylor, Jr.) and later as the George T. Stagg Distillery, began operating in Frankfort in the late 1800's.  Distilling actually began on the site in 1775, but the oldest building on site dates to 1792, the year the Commonwealth of Kentucky was recognized as the Union's 15th state.  The distillery is a National Historic Landmark.

Buffalo Trace bourbon is said to be a blend of bourbon aged between seven and nine years.  We know that the mash bill is the low-rye mash bill #1, used in the production of Eagle Rare, Col. E.H. TaylorGeorge T. StaggStagg, Jr., and others like Benchmark and Old Charter.

The Buffalo Trace name reflects the fact that the distillery was built on an ancient buffalo crossing of the Kentucky River.

Buffalo Trace

Buffalo Trace Distillery
90 proof
$24 at Class VI at Fort Jackson, SC

Color: Burnt orange.

Nose: The first impression is corn which is tempered by time and air.  Eventually, the sweet corn matures into classic caramel and vanilla.  Earthy aromas of mint, lemon thyme, and leather dance around the smoky oak influence.

Tasting Notes: Buffalo Trace has a smooth and full-bodied entrance with honey, brown sugar and dark fruit.  Spicy notes take hold so that mid-sip, I get black pepper, oak, barrel char.  The finish is long and warms you right up.

Overall: B.  Buffalo Trace is a workhorse whiskey, but with enough complexity to please any bourbon geek.  It's a bourbon you can sip neat, get after on the rocks, mix into cocktails, or play bourbon pong with (we don't actually play bourbon pong).  But we might start today.