Buffalo Trace White Dog Mash Bill #1

Trigger, the Bourbon Scout

Buffalo Trace White Dog Mash Bill #1 is a low-rye mash bill (somewhere less than 10%), used in the production of Buffalo TraceEagle Rare, Col. E.H. Taylor, George T. StaggStagg, Jr., and other bourbons like Benchmark and Old Charter.

Sipped neat, it is not very pleasant.  But it serves as a reminder that early Americans drank their corn whiskey just like this.  I'm thankful we realized that charred oak works wonders on booze.

Buffalo Trace White Dog Mash Bill #1

Buffalo Trace Distillery
125 proof
$30 at ABC in Salisbury, NC

Color: Clear.  Leaves just a faint residue on the glass when you swirl.

Nose: Corn.  Alcohol.  Very earthy.  Maybe some apple juice.  

Tasting Notes: Corn.  Soil.  Rye spice.  High fructose corn syrupy alcohol tinge.

Overall: NR.  Interesting to compare to the seven, eight, nine, fifteen + year old bourbons made from this source.  It's gotta start somewhere and we're glad the white dog is widely available to try.

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