Parker's Heritage Collection Wheat Whiskey

We previously reviewed Heaven Hill's seventh edition of Parker's Heritage Collection (PHC)- "Promise of Hope," an unbelievably tasty bourbon whiskey, sales of which raised over $300,000 in research funds for Lou Gehrig's Disease, an affliction that Master Distiller Emeritus Parker Beam has fought for several years.

In September 2014, Heaven Hill released the eighth Parker's Heritage Collection whiskey, a 13-year-old, uncut, unfiltered Kentucky Straight Wheat Whiskey  (51% wheat, 39% corn, 10% barley). $5 from each sale of this bottle also goes to fund ALS research.

The juice was aged on the top floors of Rickhouse Y on the Heaven Hill property in Bardstown. The wheat whiskey aged there is routinely dumped at 7 years, cut to 90 proof, and bottled as Bernheim Original Wheat Whiskey.

The first of two dumps of the older, higher proof PHC stuff was bottled at 127.4 proof.  his is, perhaps, the best whiskey I've tasted all year.

Parker's Heritage Collection Kentucky Straight Wheat Whiskey

Heaven Hill Distillery
127.4 proof
$90 MSRP; $215 at my favorite liquor store in SC

Color: Deep amber with crimson shine.

Nose:  The nose is sweet with honey, caramel, vanilla, blueberry, and a very light alcohol tinge, but not what you'd expect for 127.4 proof.  After some time, a faint oak aroma showed up.  Overall, a delicious whiskey to smell- makes your mouth water.

Tasting Notes: One of the most intriguing sips in the whiskey world.  Up front, PHC Wheat Whiskey is soft and sweet, with gentle notes of caramel, vanilla, and bright fruit.  But hold the whiskey there for a moment and... [pow!] cinnamon, heavy oak, peppery burn, and spices.  

Overall: A.  It is hard to describe the sensation of an uncut winter wheat whiskey.  The soft, round, sweet flavors open up into fiery pain and it is simply awesome.  This is hands down one of the best whiskeys I've ever sipped.