Wild Turkey "Kentucky Spirit" Single Barrel

Wild Turkey "Kentucky Spirit" is single barrel Wild Turkey 101. While 101 is a blend of 6, 7, and 8 year old barrels, Kentucky Spirit is bottled from single barrels aged for 8.5-9.5 years. Jimmy Russell personally selects the barrels to be dumped for Kentucky Spirit bottling and he has it cut to the preferred 101 proof. I've got a bottle from Barrel # 536.

Wild Turkey "Kentucky Spirit" Single Barrel (Barrel 536, Warehouse N, Rick #2)

Wild Turkey
101 proof
Bottled on July 2, 2014
$50 at Frugal MacDoogal's in Fort Mill, SC

Color: Medium amber.

Nose: Caramel and vanilla sweetness, orange peel, smoky char, cocoa, and just a hint of rubber.

Tasting notes: Rye and sharp cinnamon spice up-front give way to sweeter notes of honey and vanilla.  The mouth feel is full and spicy and the finish is hot, long, and lingers.

Overall: C+. I love single barrel bourbons and I love 100+ proof bourbons. Unfortunately, I was underwhelmed by this pour of "Kentucky Spirit." The spicy notes were to be expected, and the sweet notes were pleasant, but the overall profile was not that complex. I was waiting for some flavor boom where I could draft exotic flavor notes, but "nothing significant to report..."

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