(ri)1 Rye Whiskey

(ri)1 (pronounced "rye one") was introduced in 2008 as Jim Beam/Suntory's "ultra-premium" 92 proof blend of rye whiskies (none younger than 4.5 years).  (ri)1 comes in a tall, sleek, and modern bottle with an oversized white and black serif font, which reflects a disingenuous marketing scheme, focused on getting the hipster cocktail crowd to separate themselves from almost $50 for a bottle.  (ri)1 is marketed as "ultra-premium," but it is an ultra pedestrian whiskey.  Bottom line: it sucks.  

(ri) 1 Rye Whiskey (pronounced "rye one")

Jim Beam/Suntory
92 proof
$48 at ABC in Salisbury, NC

Color: Light gold. 

Nose: Spice, pepper, very subtle vomit scent.

Tasting Notes: (ri)1 is bland up front.  Mid-sip, some cinnamon and peppery spices emerge.  The body is thin and there is a lingering sweetness that I would term "grossish."  

Overall: D.  Rye whiskey is supposed to be badass.  It is supposed to punch you in the palate with dry spice and leave your tongue tingling with raw grain pain.  (ri)1 does none of that.  Rather, it falls apart in your mouth, leaving a dry black peppery finish behind.  And that's about it.  For $50.  

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