Old Grand-Dad 114

Old Grand-Dad 114 is the highest proof bourbon in the Old Grand-Dad line.  The brand was created in the 1880’s by Kentucky Colonel Raymond B. Hayden, grandson of Basil Hayden, the Catholic Marylander who, like me, escaped the Old Line State for greener pastures.  Basil Hayden, of course, is pictured on the OGD bottles, although his likeness has changed many times over the years.

Col. R.B. Hayden started distilling on his family's farm in Hobbs, KY in 1882.  The distillery was eventually sold in 1899 to another Kentucky Catholic family, the Wathens (Raymond never married; had no children).  It operated as a producer of medicinal whiskey during Prohibition and was eventually acquired by National Distillers Group.  It was sold again in 1987 to Fortune Brands, which became Beam, now owned by Japanese mega company, Suntory...

Old Grand-Dad 114

James B. Beam/Suntory
114 proof
$23 at ABC on Johns Island, SC

Color: Mahogany.  Dark and rich.  

Nose: Cocoa powder, brown sugar, honey sweetness, berries, freshly peeled orange.  Delicious. 

Tasting notes: All honey at first, followed by lemon citrus, light corn, and rye spiciness.  The finish is hot and cinnamon-sugary.  It burns and lingers in your chest in a pleasant way.

Overall: B.  Old Grand-Dad 114 is an outstanding $23 bourbon.  It's in your face with bold aromas and well balanced, but robust flavors.  It warms your entire chest cavity up as it goes down.  Pairs well with a full bodied cigar.