Maker's Mark Cask Strength

After we were graced with the addition of Maker's 46 to the iconic Maker’s Mark family in 2010, surely we wouldn’t witness a new product for many more years, right? Wrong.

When Bill Samuels Jr. retired in 2011, his son Rob took the reigns. Rob wanted to build upon his father’s newfound fervor of enhancing the iconic label’s product line. So in September of last year, Maker’s Mark released their Cask Strength Bourbon Whiskey. This is your standard tried and true Maker’s Mark bourbon but uncut, unfiltered, and bottled at a proof between 108 and 114.

Last fall it was a rarity to find this new beauty outside of a stacked “whiskey” bar or the distillery itself. This spring they increased the bottle size (now offering 750ml) and shipped ‘em out. Luckily, 6 bottles showed up down the street.

Thumbs up to you, Maker’s Mark!

Maker’s Mark Cask Strength

Maker's Mark Distillery
111.6 proof
$60 at ABC in Richmond, VA

Color: Deep, vibrant amber. Almost tawny.

Nose: A very pleasant aroma. Some caramel and oak presence with traces of orange zest and maple syrup as well.

Tasting notes: At first sip I got a noticeable but pleasant bite up front. I found wheat and toasted oak with notes of buttery caramel and clove. A nice, sweet finish that lingers.

Overall: B+. Maker’s Mark has always been an acceptable option for me but at 90 proof I find it somewhat lacking on flavor and body. Rob Samuels did the world an enormous favor when he launched the Cask Strength. A little hard to bite the $60 tag but what a fine tasting bourbon!

Peer Reviews (both 113.2 proof):