George Dickel Hand Selected Single Barrel, 9 Years

George Dickel, the sole Tennessee whisk(e)y produced by alcohol behemoth Diageo, is a high corn mash bill sour mash whiskey (84% corn), "distilled, mellowed, and aged" in Cascade Hollow near Tullahoma, Tennessee.  Recently, Diageo ran a 12-page George Dickel magazine insert in Whisky Advocate that Chuck Cowdery tore apart for the disingenuous marketing B.S.  

All of that aside, their whisky gets good reviews overall and we decided to go for some of their single barrel offering, which comes in 9 and 14 year versions at 103 and 106 proofs, respectively.   

The Hand Selected Barrel program came about under Master Distiller John Lunn who recently left Dickel for an "exciting opportunity" at Popcorn Sutton Distillery in Newport, Tennessee.  We grabbed bottle #155 (9 years, 103 proof) while scouting in Charleston, South Carolina.

George Dickel Hand Selected Barrel, 9 Year (Bottle # 155)

George A. Dickel & Co.
103 proof
$45 at Burris Liquors in Charleston, SC

Color: Deep amber with an orange hint.

Nose: Quite an alcoholy nose at first with some vinegar and earthy notes.  After some aeration, creamy, woody, and nutty aromas show up for a pleasant whiff. 

Tasting notes: Maple, cinnamon spice, a hint of salt, and dark wood.  The finish is long with smooth corn taking over and lingering with a nice 103 proof pow.

Overall: B.  I am impressed by the power George Dickel Hand Selected 9 year brings, not only with the cinnamon and woody spices but with the complex nose and long finish.  You can taste the age and the maple charcoal and the sweet corn which makes for a great drinking experience.