Wild Turkey Forgiven

Having just finished a tour at Wild Turkey Distillery in Lawrenceburg, KY, it was time for the best part: sampling. While waiting in line in the tasting room, my sister and I were looking at the bottles displayed above the bar. We saw the usual Russell's Reserves, Rare Breed, Kentucky Spirit, etc., but we noticed a bottle at the end we had never seen before. Forgiven. Picking up on our curiosity, the tour guide waved us over and told us the story.

Apparently one of the distilling staff members accidentally mixed a high proof rye whiskey with a top quality bourbon. Upon hearing of this, the girl was removed from her position. However, having no interest in wasting whiskey, Eddie Russell had a taste and decided it was quite pleasant. With a change of heart, he gave the employee her job back, “forgiving” her for the mistake she made. With a beautiful story like that, how can you not pick up a bottle? So I did.

Forgive me for rambling on – let’s have a taste.

Wild Turkey Forgiven

Wild Turkey/Campari
91 proof
$50 at Wild Turkey Distillery Gift Shop

Color: Marigold

Nose: Butterscotch, rye, surprisingly sweet

Tasting notes: Definitely notice that rye spice, but not as much of a bite as I expected. Some caramel and oak notes. I even taste a bit of pumpkin.

Overall: B+. A very solid blend. It's a nice changeup from the everyday bourbon. It's just as tasty as the pricier High West Bourye and tastier than Jefferson's Collaboration. If you ever come across a bottle, snatch it up!

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