Military Special 4 Year Old

$9.  'Nuff said.  Tax free too.  The Barton Distillery in Bardstown makes and ages (for four years) "Military Special" Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey exclusively for the U.S. military exchange services.  The clerks at the various military liquor stores place this stuff where it belongs- on the bottom shelf!  It's 80 proof.  It's light and thin bodied.  The bottle formerly featured a modern soldier wearing a helmet and holding an M-16 rifle.  It now features a Revolutionary War continental troop in a three-point hat holding a Kentucky long rifle!  Chances are you have never and will never drink Military Special.  I understand.

Military Special 4 Year

Barton Distillery (Sazerac)
80 proof
$9 at Army/Air Force Exchange Service Class VI (liquor store)

Color: Light, golden amber.

Nose: Light on the nose.  Sweet vanilla, candy apples, corn.

Tasting notes: Vanilla, some oak, black pepper, cinnamon, cherry.

Overall: C-.  Military Special is a unique bottle in my collection.  It's actually not that bad.  Barton ages it for four years which gives it some complexity, but at 80 proof, it is exceptionally thin.  It falls apart in your mouth and the finish is super dry and quick.  However, at $9, a liter of Military Special Kentucky Straight Bourbon is a better deal than a pint of beer in New York City.  Hooah. 

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