Four Roses Single Barrel (Warehouse US, barrel # 41-IN)

I've written before that I prefer wheated bourbons to high rye bourbons. Well, Four Roses Single Barrel is a bourbon that challenges my opinion. At 35% rye and 100 proof, it is a hot, spicy, syrupy, cinnamony whiskey that singes the nose upon first whiff. It opens up after some swirling to reveal amazing flavor.

Master distiller Jim Rutledge carefully selects superior whiskey to be released as Single Barrel. Each barrel apparently fills 235 bottles, and this one was filled from barrel 41-IN. Your 100 proof Single Barrel or private selection will present a different flavor profile, especially if the recipe is one of the other nine.

Four Roses Single Barrel (Warehouse US/Barrel 41-IN)

Four Roses Distillery
100 proof
$45 at Four Roses gift shop in Lawrenceburg, KY

Color: Rich, golden amber.

Nose: Toasted oak, tobacco, cedar, light floral notes, cocoa powder, alcohol burn.

Tasting Notes: "Red Hots" cinnamon candy right out of the gate. Full bodied/syrupy mouthfeel. Dark cherries, molasses, and a subtle woody finish. 

Overall: B+. Four Roses Single Barrel is a Friday night, relax, and take-your-time bourbon. It's bottled at 100 proof, but drinks a little higher. Its strong cinnamon candy profile and spicy hot aromas are intended to be enjoyed slowly and deliberately and will blur your mind's edges and warm you up on a winter night.  

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