Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Batch 7

Elijah Craig Barrel Proof (Batch #7) is a brooding, high-proof, but affordable barrel strength bourbon. Heaven Hill releases its popular Elijah Craig 12 Year at 94 proof, but on seven occasions (usually in February), the distillery releases a batch of the 12 Year at barrel strength (100 barrels or so per batch). Batch #6 was a whopping 140 proof. Batch #7 comes in at a more reasonable 128 proof.

Elijah Craig Barrel Proof (Batch #7)

Heaven Hill
128 proof
$55 at ABC in Charlottesville, VA

Color: Mahogany, hint of red.

Nose: Oak, brown sugar, vanilla extract, alcohol burn (a citrusy "Pledge" cleaner aroma), lacquered wood.

Tasting notes: Oak, hot butter, caramel, dark fruit, chili pepper, more oak.  Long, spicy finish that lingers until the next sip.

Overall: B+. ECBP Batch #7 has an unusual, hot buttery mouthfeel; it's woody, complex, and exceptionally spicy.  It's a fun bourbon to try and try again, although as a result, you will get drunk and fall asleep.

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