Ancient Ancient Age 10 Star

Ancient Ancient Age 10 Star is NOT Ancient Ancient Age 10 Year.  Introduced in 1946, AAA 10 Star is a blend of 6 year old bourbon (most likely) and more mellow.  Mellower?  It's also cheaper and easier to find than the 10 Year, which is rarely sold outside of the commonwealth of Kentucky.  But it's a nice, easy sipping whiskey featuring Buffalo Trace's Mash Bill #2- the same as Blanton's, Elmer T. Lee, Rock Hill Farms, and Hancock's President's Reserve.  

Ancient Ancient Age 10 Star

Buffalo Trace Distillery
90 proof
$17 at ABC in Richmond, VA

Color: Medium amber

Nose: Apple juice, vanilla, honey, tobacco, cedar, light barrel char.

Tasting notes: Classic caramel, corn, rye spice, citrus zest, ash, stone, medicinal finish with a little bite.  Light body and watery mouth feel.  

Overall: C.  You can't drink expensive bourbon every day.  Not if you're me, at least.  AAA 10 Star generally sits in a cabinet where it waits to be cooked with.  Occasionally, it finds its way into a glass to be sipped.  It emits a very pleasant aroma and evokes grandfatherly nostalgia.  It doesn't exactly taste that good, but there's enough going on to consider dropping some bitters in there for a Friday night Old Fashioned. 

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